Services & Equipment

For over 60 years L&C Trucking LP has provided a reliable 24 hour service in the oilfield.  With a diverse fleet of tractors, pickers, hotshot trucks and loaders L&C has offered a service that the oil patch can depend on.

| Our Fleet

  • 10 Pickers
  • 16 tractors
  • 3 hotshot trucks
  • 4 loaders

| Picker Service

With our various fleet of truck mounted cranes ranging from 8 to 45 ton in size L&C can handle just about any job that is needed in the oilfield.  With our certified operators we use the equipment to haul pipe, pump jacks, bases, matting, tanks, centrifuges, treaters plus anything else that is desirable to our customers.

| Tractor Service

L&C Trucking LP provides an immense fleet of tractors to distribute the loads and haul whatever we can with a wide range of different style and sized trailers.

| Winch Tractors

With our winch tractors we can load and unload anything from skidded tanks, skidded shacks and various other skidded equipment.  L&C can also provide the winch trucks to pull out any heavy duty equipment that might be stuck or in need of a tug.

| Hot Shot Service

L&C additionally offers a hot shot service to complement our heavy duty hauling. The hot shot trucks and trailers are used to fulfill any of our customer needs.

| Forklift Service

L&C also has various sized forklifts that we can use to load and unload any equipment that is needed by our customers.

| Pipe Storage

With 54 acres of land L&C offers pipe storage space for any company that needs room for their pipe.